Become a Benfluencer!

Welcome to the Benissimo Home Chef Ambassador Program - where culinary creativity meets flavorful inspiration! Are you passionate about cooking and love sharing your kitchen adventures with others? Join our community of Benfluencers and become part of our community of home chefs who love sharing easy how-to recipes featuring our all-natural cooking oils!
Benissimo Home Chef Ambassadors

As a Benissimo Home Chef Ambassador, you'll receive a totally FREE monthly shipment of TWO Benissimo oils of your choice. From the garlicky, spicy notes of our Spicy Sriracha Oil, to the herbaceous deliciousness of our Roasted Garlic Infused Oil, to the simplicity of our all-purpose Organic Avocado Oil, we have an oil for every palette and every home chef!

In exchange for receiving your monthly shipment, we ask that you share your love for Benissimo oils with your followers twice a month on your preferred social media platforms. Whether you're posting mouthwatering recipe creations, sharing cooking tips, or simply showcasing how Benissimo oils enhance your culinary creations, we want to see your unique spin on flavor exploration!

Here's what you can expect as a "Benfluencer":

1. Monthly Deliveries: Enjoy a free monthly shipment of Benissimo oils delivered straight to your doorstep, so you can keep exploring new flavors and creating delicious dishes. Want to switch out your oils per month? No problem! 

2. Creative Freedom: Express your culinary creativity and experiment with different recipes using Benissimo oils. Whether you're a master home chef or a passionate home cook, there's no limit to the delicious creations you can whip up!

3. Social Media Posts: Share your Benissimo experiences with your followers at least twice a month through engaging reels on Instagram, Facebook, and/or TikTok videos. We just ask that you tag us so we can share the deliciousness!

4. Exclusive Benefits: As a Benfluencer with our Home Chef Ambassador Program, you would be the first to know about new products we're launching (freebie included), get exclusive discounts for more Benissimo oils or gift bundles, and get connected with an amazing group of passionate home chefs!

Join us in spreading the joy of flavorful cooking and become a Benissimo Home Chef Ambassador today! Together, let's ignite a culinary revolution and inspire others to infuse their dishes with deliciousness one bottle of Benissimo oil at a time.